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"Life is like a kaleidoscope . . .  which is many pieces coming together to form a grand picture in vivid Technicolor.  To change the view, you need only to turn the kaleidoscope and another wonderful, yet colorful image appears.  We have the ability to  . . . design a spectacular life! "   Marty Segelke


COACHING is a partnership. The client has a need, want or desire and the coach helps to assess, bring awareness, strategize, monitor and assist in making it happen.

COACHING is inspiring and action oriented.

COACHING is a relationship conducted primarily on a one-on-one basis, but can occur in a group, through a workshop, in a teleclass or where needed. It may be an ongoing relationship for a set amount of time or just a one-time event.

COACHING says YOU are who you are and respects individuality. If desiring change, it is only because YOU choose to be better at whatever you wish to do. This may be in your many environments at home, work, in the community, with friends, coworkers or people you meet. Whatever it is and whatever you desire, you have the idea and the coach works to make it a reality.

A few distinctions:

Good Friend … is your confidante who often supports you in your endeavors. He/She usually makes you feel better but true progress towards a goal is hampered by the mutual desire to protect the friendship.

Therapist … is a professional who helps sort out the past and works towards resolution of a problem.

Significant Other …is that personal and private someone who cares deeply about your feelings and protects the relationship at all costs.

Coach … is a catalyst that works on the present and says: “Today is a gift and tomorrow is yours to behold.” How can I help you now to accomplish what you visualize for tomorrow?

PERSONAL LIFE COACHING . . . Complimentary Introduction - 30 minutes - FREE! Fees and time arrangements are available according to your needs. Typical session is for 30-35 minutes, three times a month. These sessions can be on the phone, by email or in person.

Contact Marty Segelke: to answer any questions regarding coaching or how we might be able to work together.


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